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Well I finished week 1 and it went...

So let me start off by saying I wrote a complete comprehensive review during my already tight schedule of Day 1 and it completely deleted. I have no idea how that happened, but with a click of a button, it was gone. Please understand this post will not be nearly as long, but I apologize in advance. I am still learning how to do this whole blogging thing.

So week 1... We took before pics. Humbling. That pretty much sums that up. We look completely different underneath our jeans than to the world outside of them. Posing well on IG is a whole different beast than holding a paper with your weight and your bare midriff showing. Humble pie baby! But that is a part of the process, no hiding.

Now that the band-aid has been ripped off, here we are. So here are my thoughts on week 1 of the Sculpted challenge:

The challenge is hosted on an app called Trainerize. It is a interface that allows the participants to form a sense of community and share our experiences and track our progress throughout the 6 weeks. You can connect the app to your Fitbit to allow a further look into your hard work. The trainers can also interact and give motivation and tips to stay committed.

The workouts are all laid out in order and the app will remind you daily of which to do. The workouts are sectioned by warm up, workout, cool down which is helpful. There are videos to show each move in case you are clueless to the name of the exercise, like me. So this is extremely helpful as well. The videos showing the moves are great quality and have great music that keeps you in the workout mode. You can play the videos as you are going through the workout, and playing them will stop the timer. You can also connect your headphones and play your own music during the workout, and the timer will keep you on track. Your music will stop with each countdown before each workout which can be annoying, but also helpful so you don't miss the next set.

As for the actual program, I have to say I really like it! I love having a set list and guidance. They provide a meal plan which I have yet to really dive into, but as far as I can see, it is a great guide for those who need it. I go to the gym regularly and I usually don't have a list of activities, I just wing it. So that was the driving factor for me to join. The exercises are a HIIT (high intensity interval training) program which is mostly cardio mixed with some strength. This is a great mix of activities which paired with good nutrition will certainly help drop weight and slim down.

The warm up routine is over 8 minutes which I think is a great time to loosen up and get ready, however the main workout can be over 50 minutes and then the cool down is another 8 minutes. I personally feel that this is a bit too for the start to finish workout. I already struggle to fit my workout time in my day, so anything over an hour just seems to be a stretch, no pun intended. I have found myself skipping the program cool down and doing my own shorter version. I would definitely suggest giving yourself extra time to view the workout examples before you begin the workout. I actually start watching the demo videos before I get out of bed in the morning so I have an idea of what I will be doing and possibly not have to play the examples during my workout which adds to the overall time.

Lastly I will say that the program is a HIIT program, which is great, but I absolutely love weight training. The program has 2 built in rest days every week, so I have used one of those rest days to work on strictly lifting weights and I substituted one HIIT day for lifting as well. I have also opted to go back into a ketosis diet. I think this just works better for my goals and my ability to commit. It just works for me, so that's what I'm gonna go with.

Ok, this was way longer than I intended, but I did want to come back and let you all know how it's going. We're actually in week 2 now, so another update will be coming soon.

Thanks for following this journey! Let me know how you are getting/keeping fit this Fall.

With Love,



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