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How to look expensive (Without Robbing a Bank): Mixing Designer Pieces with Budget Finds

High Low Fashion Outfit

Hey baddies! Ever drooled over designer pieces, but choked on their price tags? Don't worry; you're not alone! But here's the good news: you can slay those designer pieces without sending your bank account into a meltdown. It's all about pairing your luxury loves with affordable staples in a way that's not only stylish but will also turn heads.

1. Blend Like a Smoothie:

Creating the perfect outfit is like blending a smoothie—mix and match, baby! Start by snagging those classic designer goodies like a fancy blazer, a swanky bag, or some snazzy shoes. These will be the smoothie base for your outfit. In this photo, I started with the Christian Louboutin shoes I purchased on sale through my Sak's Sales Associate (SA) and a gold Versace bag.

Now, let's add some affordable fruits and veggies, aka your budget-friendly basics.

2. The Thrifty Grind:

Thrifting is like treasure hunting for grown-ups. Hit those thrift stores, and you might stumble upon a buried treasure of designer gems or even some basic fabulous pieces. Seriously, who knew you could find Gucci while hunting for last season's floral prints? Embrace the thrill of the hunt, and mix these finds with your high end staples for a look that says, "I have expensive taste, but I'm not broke."

3. Accessory Wonderland:

Accessorizing is like sprinkling extra Black Girl Magic on your outfit. Even if your clothes are inexpensive, you can still summon a dash of luxury with designer accessories. A logo belt, designer brooch, or oversized shades can magically transform your overall look. They're like the wizardry of the fashion world. I also am a HUGE supporter of inexpensive accessories from the quick fashion houses. All accessories in this photo were purchased from Forever 21. No need to fret about your neck turning green. I wear them once or twice and they are affordable enough to replace for every outing if you wanted to!

4. The High-Low Shuffle:

Picture this: you're wearing a designer bag with, not-so-designer clothes. That's high-low dressing in a nutshell. It's like saying, "I'm a fashion rebel, and I do what I want!" Mixing high-end with budget-friendly items creates a symphony of style that's music to your wallet's ears. In this photo, my top was purchased at TJ Maxx and my shorts are from Zara.

5. Outlet Extravaganza:

Outlet malls are like fashion's hidden treasures. Here's where you can score designer deals that make your wallet do the dougie. I stumble in every blue moon just to see if I can catch any real deals. In Georgia, we have a premium outlet with Gucci, Versace, Prada and other higher end stores offering major discounts. Your bank account will be grateful!

6. Virtual Designer Treasure Hunt:

The internet is a gold mine of pre-loved designer goodies. Check out online resale platforms like The RealReal and Fashionphile to find luxe items at lower than retail prices. It's like thrift shopping without the musty thrift store smell. Be aware of purchasing fakes. That's a whole different blog post though.

In conclusion, dressing like a million bucks doesn't mean you have to spend like one. With a sprinkle of creativity, a dash of thriftiness, and a pinch of high-low fashion, you can achieve that chic designer look without robbing Peter to pay Paul. So go forth, fashion baddie, and conquer the runway of life with your unique style and give the gworls VIBES! Remember, fashion should always be fun, fabulous, and keep you feeling like the baddie you are.

Happy styling! 😄👠👜


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