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JSculpt Fitness Challenge Week 5. I'm WORKING!!

Week 5 started yesterday and I came in strong! Going through this challenge has made me realize that it is not as hard for me to pick up when I digress anymore, so I wanted to give a few pointers on how you can start your journey if you are stuck in a rut and just don't know where to begin.

There are so many different ways to get back up off the couch and put down those chips, you just have to find which works for you. During many years of attempting and "failing" on this fitness journey, I had always wondered what kept so many other people ON the journey and accomplishing what looked to me to be success. What I've come to realize during my time on this path is that YOUR success is only defined by YOU and the real secret is to never stop trying even if you seem to backslide or fall off.

THAT is the true journey. There is no "success" there is just a keep going. It is truly a lifestyle!

With that being said, you may need to ease yourself into a new lifestyle. Some people may find it more inspiring to jump into a quick routine, but I have found that this allows the novice to burn out quickly and lose motivation. Easing in provides a more stable, attainable lifestyle change.

First step is to identify your worst habits. If this is late night snacking or drinking multiple sodas everyday, own the fact that this is not good for you and begin to work on curbing it. Cut off your eating time to 7 or 8pm. Replace 2 sodas with glasses of water or crystal light (I LOVE flavored water). If you are never active, maybe vow to begin your mornings with a mile walk around your neighborhood. These little behaviors are easy to slide into your day without it being impossible to maintain for a long time.

Next step is to find ways to become active. Motivation is the KEY to starting and remaining consistent. You have to find what motivates you and don't be afraid to try different things. The best way I have found that has helped me to stay motivated is going to an actual gym. I love lifting weights. I also like getting gym clothes, so every now and again I will get some new stuff which makes me excited to go workout in them.

Another great way to get jump started might be to join a challenge. This is definitely debatable. What works for one may not work for another, but challenges can thrust you into that fitness mindset and help guide you towards creating those habits that will be essential in your journey.

Lastly, find tools that will help spark that bossy feeling in you. The more you begin to see your results, the more you will push forward. Your fitness journey is spiritual and there is nothing better than feeling powerful inside of your skin. The tools I use for this are my JSculpt Fitness belt and band and any type of weights because I love how powerful lifting weights make me feel!

At the end of the day, there is no finish line to a fitness journey because once you get to a place that you are comfortable at, then you have to maintain yourself at that place. Try not to compare yourself to anyone else because you don't know what it took them to get where they are. Constantly seek motivation because motivation will keep you forward moving. Your journey is YOU VS. YOU!

Speak kindly to yourself and affirm your purpose in this life journey. You got this! You can do it!!

With love,



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