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We have a blog!! Oh my!

This is definitely going to be a journey. I'm not used to actually penciling much of anything really, but I have SO MUCH going on and so much information to give, I figure it would be selfish not to share it with the people who may find it useful. So let me tell you what you can come to expect from the Prettiest Problem blog posts...

I do a lot. I wear MANY hats as many wives and mothers typically do. But my story is a little different. Some like to cook. Some like to workout. Some may be focused on the upward mobility in their careers. Some may even be working on becoming their own boss.

As for me...

I like to do it ALL!

Am I successful at everything? Heck no! But does that stop me from trying to be my best self any time I try? Absolutely not! If I see something I'm interested in, I'm going for it. And that is where I may have some value to bring to you.

So what can you expect from this blog? A journalling of it all. I take a particular liking to beauty related things, but I don't believe in limitation, so we aren't going to set boundaries in this house. I am going to talk about life, good, bad and ugly. I'm going to let you in on projects I'm working on, fitness struggles, because let's be honest, it's a constant struggle, and the many many aspects of being a wife and mom to 3 while trying to evolve as a certified boss babe and finding that sweet spot of success. Oh, I also love a good deal/discount code and I am a bargain shopper, so I'll be sharing all those goodies here as well.

Did I mention we are in a global pandemic?

Issa lot!

But I am sooooo glad you are here and I am looking forward to connect with you on many different levels!

We're solving the prettiest of problems around here!

With love,


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Sierra Monet
Sierra Monet
Aug 18, 2020


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