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5 Ways to help you to SWEAT more!

So I sweat... A LOT!

If you follow me on Instagram (@PrettiestProblem), you may have seen my daily IG stories where I show the amount of sweat I've produced after a workout. At first I would be embarrassed, but I have come to the point in my fitness journey where I honestly don't care. I'm not just a typical heavy sweater, I sweat primarily in the crotch area. Yikes! No seriously it is quite a sight. I catch people glimpsing which used to make me self conscious, but I've come to realize that it is a natural instinct for the eyes to glance there because it is not your typical sight. However, we are ALL in the gym for the purpose of sweating, so I now tote my darkened crotch area around proudly. If someone thinks I've peed my pants, they probably haven't been around too long!

Because I sweat so much, I have gotten many comments where people tell me that they have trouble sweating. I have always been a 'sweater', but there are some things that I have found that have really pushed it to the next level and my workouts have stayed pretty consistent in intensity.

Here are the things that I have been doing that you could try to help you sweat more:

  1. Drink a gallon of water DAILY!!

If you are not taking in enough water, there will be nothing to sweat out. Drinking plenty of water is soooo very important to your overall health, so taking in more will allow your body to flush it more easily. The jug I use has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! I can now keep track and catch up if I'm behind. I would say I typically finish at LEAST 80% of the gallon daily.

Link to gallon bottle

2. Do some form of cardio in EACH workout

Again follow me on IG so you can see my daily workouts. I use a jump rope to keep my heart rate up in between each block of exercises. This is the fastest way to work up a sweat and keep your body burning extra calories. We don't want to workout for hours so get the biggest bang for your buck while you're there.

Link to jump rope:

3. Fasted workouts are your best friend

I absolutely cannot workout after I've eaten. I feel sluggish and heavy and super unmotivated. I find that I get the BEST, most energized workouts first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It may take some getting used to, but I have found this to get me the highest burned calories within my hour workout. If you need something so that you don't pass out, opt for 2 boiled eggs. That's the most I'd suggest.

4. Wear a sweat band

I have become a JSculpt fitness ambassador because from the very moment I put the belt on, I fell in LOVE with it. If you have trouble sweating, THIS is a sure way to get your sweat going. You 100% need to measure your waist and purchase the correct size. DO NOT try to size down because it will not fit. This belt has helped me get to the place I am and it is always soaked after a workout, no matter the intensity. Kick it up a notch by grabbing the Drenched cream.

Link to belt: (code PRETTYP 20% off)

5. Take Pre-workout supplements

Now THIS is one of the things that I have noticed has increased my calorie burn to 600+ calories each workout. I was using one brand that gave me the tingles and my calories stayed the same, but once I switched to this brand, I started dripping sweat from my face, my arms and of course the crotch was further highlighted. I am on the keto lifestyle which works for me, so this is a keto friendly preworkout. Disclaimer: It does NOT taste good, but I gulp it down really quickly with my blackseed oil that is also pretty gross. It also will make you tingle which takes some getting used to, but I love how much more calories I burn.

Link to preworkout:

I hope these tips help you to get a bigger bang for your workout buck! Everything you do counts, so start working smarter, not necessarily harder. If I didn't list something that has proven to work for you, drop it down in the comments!

Happy sweating!!

With Love,



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